Friday, October 31, 2008


This is to holla at you guyz for the great developmental work you guyz have been doing. For the past 8 years now you guyz have been on track in setting the pace for others in the city of Otta. Keep up the good work and very soon we will excel.
Pro, Azeem, James, Wale, Rahmon, Ibro and others. Thumb up for you guyz.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The concept of Decent Work in Industrial Relations.

Human factor in organisation remains unique among other factors of productions. This is because of thier rational ability and of the fact that it is only the factor of production that keep other factors working and operating succesfully. Another unique feature of this human factor is that it remains the only factor that is conciouse of everything it does. The entreprenure therefore cannot do without this human element in his operation even in this mothern world of industrialisation and globalisation. Thus, it becomes very imperative that some kind of special recongnition be given to the human factor which brings about the issue of decency in the world of work.
In our own perspective, decent work might be defined in diffrent ways from how legal practitionals and social scientist will define it. It will go a long way diffrent from what the jornalist will say about it. Decent work in our term sums up the aspiration of people at work- thier aspirations which includes the equal opportunity in terms of positions they hold in an organisation and the corresponding remunirations, thier need for participating in decission making on matters that affect thier working life, thier voice and recognition as important element of the instruments used in the achievement of organisational objectives. it also includes their personal developmental activities that are instrumental to elevating them and improving thier standard of living in the society.
Decent work to us is important to human life as it helps reducing the rate of poverty and create a bearable wefarism to human. Juan Somavia, ILO Director-General, in one of his saying contends that "Decent work is central to efforts at reducing poverty, and is a means for achieving equitable, inclusive and sustainable development" this means that decent work, if appropriately ascertained in the world of work will not only bring good life to workers -both management and employees- but it will also serve as lubricant towards achieving national development of a nation. This is why the urgent need for us in African to rise up and work towards ensuring for a decent work in all aspect of human life. What i mean is that it is high time we sood up against all forms of indecency in African's world of work.
Students, scholars, labour leaders, managers, human rights activists and all concerned personalities should find it important to make move towards a complete eradication of such un fair labour practices as child labour, casualisation or temporary employment of workers which we have identified to be the dubious way through which employers have always been depriving some workers from all fringe benefit that they deserve just like every other workers that the management call permanent staff... We sould rise to ensure an effective eradication of all forms of discriminations in working enviroment be it gender related, racial or educational. Work place safety should be ascertained in the world of work in Sub Saharan Africa. Good and pleasant working conditions for all asundries in industrial organisations is among the essential features of work decencies that we preach. It is time we ameliorate activities in all industries which has form history contributed to the present state of underdevelopment in African countries.